Fusspdedal WM-575 WCS-400101_1615
  • Fusspdedal WM-575 WCS-400101_1615

Rocker Pedall WM-575 WCS-400101

The WM-575 Hall-Effect Rocker Pedal is built for the demanding off-highway environment. Its robust design is extremely durable and exhibits outstanding performance for open cab applications.
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Rocker Pedall WM-575 WCS-400101Rocker Pedall WM-575 WCS-400101CHF366.20

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The design of the WM-575 allows programming of the sensor on the rocker pedal to achieve a highly accurate output. The sensor provides a ratiometric signal that is interpreted by the vehicle controller. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMC resistant (SAE J1113). The Hall Effect Pedal is floor mounted and designed for fore and aft movement. It has a rubber cover for foot traction and is made out of a corrosion resistant coated metal. The product can be customized for side-to-side movement.


14° ± 2° Angular Rotation, Fore & Aft
FMVSS 124 and 302 compliant
-40°C to + 85°C Operation
+ 5V Operation
Electronics IP67 Sealed
Dual Ratiometric APS Output
Independent, Isolated APS Circuits
Protected against Electrical Misconnection
Metripak 150-series compatible connector
Non Contact Sensor
Highly EMI Resistant
Black Coated Steel Base and Treadle
Chromate Conversion Module Components