Abgasschalldämpfer DDA 75, D=77.2, 30 dB(A)_1284

Exhaust silencer DDA,75, D=77.2, 30 dB(A)


Twin or tripple reactive/absorbtive chamber design. Attenuation
of frequencies < 250 Hz takes
place in first ractive chamber with
low resistance. Higher frequencies
are delt with in second or third
absorbtive chamber. Total attenuation 30 dB (A)

Material Mild steel ST 37.11

Flangeconnections DIN 86044, PN 6

site entry, stainless steel, lifting
lugs, kit with bolts, nuts, gasket
and mating flange, rain caps,
elbows, insulation

Surface protection black, heat resistant up to 600° C
New product